Sunday, 9 February 2020

New Facebook Group Forum

I'm keen to find other sandboarders and people who are interested in the sport so much that I was recently browsing Facebook to find groups of that were active so I could make a decent input; To illustrate what I mean, I'm currently a member of the "David Bowie Fan Group" which sees about 5-10 posts a day which are mainly photos of the legend himself, questions from fans regarding what their favourite album is, and ad listings for old Bowie related merchandise. I saw the group and realised that this is an active group and there's so many people contributing to the page.

However when I look at Sandboarding groups on Facebook, a lot of times the last post was more than a year ago so it could be fair to say that the group has slowly died out, or it's a sandboarding group for riders from a specific country. Because of this, I have decided to create a forum and/or fan page #2 for the blog.

Feel free to share your own photos of sandboarding adventures, videos, relevant content, any questions, the answers to those questions, and anything that'll potentially give me a talking point and possibly a new blog post! To make the name more inclusive, it won't have a geographic name like some of the groups that I'm a member.

All are welcome to join Sandboarding International.

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