Wednesday 20 September 2023

Sandboarding Nation 2014-2023

That's it for the Sandboarding Nation, thank you for all of your support for the last 9 years; I have now moved over my blogging operation to my personal website where you will find my latest updates at the link below (you will automatically be redirected in 10 seconds).

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If you want a record of the entire blog, you can buy "The Sandboarding Book" on Amazon, or alternatively you can download an XML file of this website from 2014-2023. 

Monday 24 July 2023

End of an Era

It was a lonely evening on 12th October 2014 when I decided to start writing a blog about a sport I felt passionate about and wanted to document what I knew about the subject.

I have owned the domain for Sandboarding Nation since 2014 and have gone through multiple stages of marketing, selling merch, and doing my best to keep the Sandboarding community and those curious informed and in the know.

The website will be online until the 9th anniversary in October 2023, I will eventually post a link to my new personal website that will include my latest books and other projects.

I want to give my personal thanks to a great friend Gonçalo Pires for constantly reminding me that the blog was active, and José Lourenço, whom I met in India, for giving me good pointers for content; I also want to thank my mum, Tracey Booth for letting me use her social media profiles so I can keep the Sandboarding Nation social media pages alive if in the event mine was accidentally deleted or locked out. Most of all, I want to thank all the readers who viewed this blog throughout the years; it took me 2 books and an incomplete (yet still pending) film project to get where I am now, and, this blog will always be a permanent stay and will always be something that I dedicated 9 years of my life, my objective was to provide practical, easy to understand, and informative content on sandboarding and extreme sports, my only hope is that you think that I succeeded.


2014 - 2023

Friday 13 January 2023

Top 10 Sandboarding Countries of 2022

Well, after another unpredictable year for not just travel but for Sandboarding as a whole. This years' list will be just as condensed as the last I'm afraid. It goes without saying that travel has resumed compared to this time last year, but that doesn't mean that a lot of events and trips has been cancelled. As the same as last year I will be comparing countries in terms of the following: Crime rate, Cost of Living, Internet Speed, Quality of Life, Pollution Index, and Healthcare Index. Here are the Top 10 countries for Sandboarding, for this year...

Except, there is a twist; the celebrate a good run in operating the blog, the list this year was chosen by you, the readers; for the very first time! The votes were tallied and compiled into a list for the best Sandboarding countries, we have a good few new entries and a mixed bag of results!

Before I begin the list, the winner of the Signed "The World's Greatest Sandboarding Destinations" book giveaway was Paul Matuszewskyj from Lincolnshire, England. A book is on its way to you!

#10 Mongolia (new entry)

#9 Senegal (new entry)

#8 Chile (appeared 4 times, highest position: 1st, 2018 & 2021)

#7 Brazil (new entry)

#6 Turkiye (new entry)

#5 Greece (new entry)

#4 Germany (appeared 4 times, highest position: 4th, 2015)

#3 Mauritania (new entry)

#2 Australia (appeared 4 times, highest position: 1st, 2014)

#1 Peru (appeared in 2017; highest position: 6th, 2017)

2014: Australia🇦🇺

2015: New Zealand🇳🇿

2016: New Zealand🇳🇿

2017: United States of America🇺🇸

2018: Chile🇨🇱

2019: Spain🇪🇸

2020: Denmark🇩🇰

2021: Chile🇨🇱

2022: Peru🇵🇪