Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Discontinuing Patreon

I'm very pleased of the fact that I had allowed readers to contribute to me via Patreon, however due to the large amount of posting I have to already make to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts, I feel as if Patreon has lost its luster and is less of a social network as of now and more of a social marketing platform; this is also probably because the last time I made a post on Patreon was on New Years' Eve 2016.

Therefore; as of the 31st August 2017, I will no longer be supporting a Patreon page for Sandboarding Nation and all rewards & pages will be deleted.

In the meantime, all rewards have been deleted and for $1 only, you will have a blog post especially for you and you will be mentioned on the Facebook & Twitter pages!

Thank you for your interest and co-operation.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Huacachina, Peru

I woke up this morning and I watched a video on Instagram about the Sandboarding World Cup from desert.expeditions, below the caption read: "Shredding in the Mecca of Sand Sports in Peru" and I thought that I should question that claim; and as I've done a few location based posts before, this shall be another!

When a lot of people think about Peru, they would think of Machu Picchu, Lima, Lake Titicaca, the source of the River Amazon or Paddington Bear; but also there's another sight that's worth going to see not just in Peru but I think in the whole of South America, this place is that notable it's even on Peru's 50 Nuevo Sol banknote; this is the village of Huacachina not too far from the city of Ica in Peru.

Courtesy of: Unukorno Title: Peru, Oasis de Huacachina License: CC BY 3.0
If you look at this village from a map, you'll find that there's only one road to the small village making it appear as if it's a dead end, but just looking at pictures of this place, it looks like something out of a video game; I've never seen a settlement surrounded by sand dunes before and just by seeing pictures and how lively this place looks on videos, I personally would like to go there!

Imagery ©2017 DigitalGlobe, Map data
©2017 Google

The settlement itself is built around a small natural lake in the middle of the desert and the permanent population is roughly only a hundred people and according to Bert Luxing of the only things in Huacachina were "a basketball court, residential houses, and a kiosk."*

Bert Luxing in the same article also claimed that "For around 50USD you got to hire snowboards for the day (the type that strap to boots, as opposed to ones where you just slip your feet in) and also a four hour guided dune buggy/sand-boarding tour. You could opt to do either one or the other, and there are many companies in the town offering similar services, but I highly recommend doing both."** If I'm honest, he's sold me the experience! I'd recommend you read the whole article, it's worth the read.

Courtesy of: Ingo Mehling Title: Huacachina and surrounding dunes License: CC BY-SA 3.0
It's not only Huacachina that's interested me whilst I've researched this, If you take a drive about 2 and a half hours south east, you'll end up in Cerro Blanco which is second highest sand dune in the world (after Duna Frederico Kirbus in Argentina); the Huacachina Lagoon is the 9th most popular thing to do in Ica state according to Tripadvisor† and multiple sightseeing tours which include 4x4, quad bike, and sandboarding tours are the 6th most popular attraction in Ica state.

Before you go packing your bags for the next flight to Peru, here are some bits of information which may be handy to visitors:

  • As of the 21st July 2017 $1 USD will get you approximately 3.24 Peruvian Nuevos Soles
  • Citizens of the United States of America and the United Kingdom are allowed into Peru without the need for a visa if they are visiting exclusively for tourism purposes.
  • Feel free to try some coca leaves and/or coca tea in Peru but just don't bring any on the flight home, as Cocaine is present in these leaves and Cocaine is a class A drug in the UK and possession can carry up to a 7 year prison sentence, an unlimited fine, or both.
  • Voltage for electrical appliances in Peru is 220 volts, using plug sockets A and C‡

So desert.expeditions; I've come to the decision that yes, Huacachina is the Mecca of Sand Sports in Peru and you could argue this could also be a worthy contender for the best Sandboarding location in the whole of South America!

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Contribute to the 2017 Top 10 Countries List!

Every year at around November/December, I make a Top 10 list for the best countries to go Sandboarding in for the year; this year I decided to be democratic about it and thought that I should let you decide on what countries will receive a position on the 2017 list.

I have decided on the statistics by crime rate, costs of living, happiness, etc... In a nutshell, based on figures; but if you believe your country should be on the list then send an e-mail to, comment on Facebook, send me a message on Instagram, or tweet the account.

Instagram: sandboardingnation
Twitter: sandboardblog
Facebook: Sandboarding Nation

Just let me know which country should be on the list and why you think it should be on it. I'll even thank you personally in the post itself!

Also, the book is going well there are 39 pages of it so far and hopefully at this rate it should be published around March or April 2018, this blog page will be the first port of call for the book's release.