Monday, 13 August 2018

Letter to the Sports Minister

A few moments ago, I sent a letter to the Minister of Sport outlining my mission for the UK to become a nation on the Sandboarding stage, hopefully the success story of the Curralow Beach dunes in Wexford, Ireland can be replicated in a country home to the second largest sand dunes in Europe (Merthyr Mawr, Wales) and my first sandboarding experience took place (Holywell Bay), in the letter I expressed my desire for the UK to also have businesses that teach sandboarding to the masses and to also lease sandboards to tourists, this I believe could encourage tourism, allow youngsters to find another sport, hopefully encourage sports stars, and allow the UK to be a member of the DRI, something which I have long campaigned for.

If the minister of Sport (Tracey Crouch) is reading this, I would like to ask her support for my cause followed by a potential letter of approval *wink wink*, and ask what I can do as a blogger to help boost the popularity of Sandboarding in the UK and how I can go about making sandboarding a thing that can be enjoyed by many, there are good sandboarding places in this country and I would like to harness their potential as spots for developing individuals, building teams, and also to amaze people with the speeds, tricks, and things you can do with a board and a sand dune.

I am still on a hold but I'm still attempting to write the book. Follow instagram, twitter,  and facebook for more updates.

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