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Holywell Bay, circa 2017.
Prior to becoming a Sandboarding blogger in 2014, I used to visit my grandparents during the summers when I was a kid. During the summer of 2008, my grandad told me about Holywell Bay and their sand dunes; when I got there I used to slide down the dunes on a round, plastic board that I would take back home and keep under my bed til the next time I travelled to my grandparents house, that was when my love for Sandboarding was born.

When I started this blog, I had initially done this as a part-time venture during my studies in college, and now this has taken over to be a professional hobby of mine to which I look for interesting articles concerning sandboarding, which may be related to travel, the best places to see, equipment, sports related advice, and general questions. The support and reaction I've received from other bloggers, sandboarders, and friends has been astonishing and it's positive comments and motivation that keeps this blog going. If I can get more people interested in Sandboarding and encourage people to take up the sport and effectively promote it in any way, I'll be happy.

Waxing my board at Merthyr Mawr, April 2019.

Aside from sandboarding and blogging, in my spare time I like to ride on my moped venturing into the countryside, I am very keen on international travel and would happily take a solo trip for 5 days to somewhere different (I'd really love to visit Egypt, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and the USA eventually) & I like retro gaming (Playstations 1 & 2 are my consoles of choice) and I also am in the process of releasing my own style of Ambient & Drone music, my artist name is "The Alto Sanctuary" with releases now available on all music stores.

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