Thursday, 9 January 2020

See you at Sandspirit!

On the last weekend of 2019, I got a very nice e-mail from InterSands (a global body for Sandboarding); inviting me to compete in the 2020 Sandspirit Challenge at Monte Kaolino in Bavaria! Fuelled with excitement at to what I believe will be the most inclusive tournament yet, with the first time competitors coming from South America to represent themselves; As of the moment, I believe I'm still the only person from Great Britain attending, but I'm looking forward to meet all the other keen and talented Sandboarders at the competition!

I've already booked a trip to Europe during this time so I'll be hanging around Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland a little white after the competition has ended and once the competition has come to a close, I intend to blog on my experiences, the results and I'll hopefully try and upload some footage if I'm not on the sand!

My current thoughts are that even if I don't qualify for the finals in this highly anticipated tournament, I'll still be happy that this would be my first international and I'll have caught a glimpse into sandboarding for not just Great Britain but also knowing if I'm better on the sand or just on the sidelines as a commentator. I really hope I develop my talents to an extent that I stay on the dune for a while and I wish lots of luck and much success to all of my competitors! I can't wait to see you there and hopefully for a photo too!

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