Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Response from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

I received a reply from the government department that deals with Sport, I didn't get a response from the MP herself but I got a response regardless!

The support team on their letter thanked me for details of the blog and they stated "it was a pleasure to visit the site and learn more about sandboarding", it's worth mentioning at this point that they are the relevant department for Sport; they don't endorse any sport but they have diverted my attention to Sport England which is an organisation that deals with the recognition, support, and funding for sports.

Armed with this new information, I have wrote a follow up letter to Sport England outlining what I want to see and how they can help me; in the response from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport a very important message was included: "in order to qualify for support and funding from Sport England, sandboarding would need to become officially recognised." and so it means that I have a plan, more or less.

To become a member of Dune Riders International, we must have facilities that complement the sand dunes in the UK; but to have the facilities we need money from small businesses, sponsors, grants, etc... And to get this, we need sandboarding to be recognised.

View the full letter below, as always I will keep you posted on what happens next.

*white lines on the letter is from correction fluid as I'm on a typewriter.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Competition Winner (31st July 2018)

The competition has now closed! Thank you if you took part, I'm happy to reveal that the winner is...

Connor Chin of Mullaloo, Western Australia!

An official Sandboarding Nation T-shirt is on its way to you, and if you would like to order one yourself, please check out the Sandboarding Nation Zazzle Shop!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Letter to the Sports Minister

A few moments ago, I sent a letter to the Minister of Sport outlining my mission for the UK to become a nation on the Sandboarding stage, hopefully the success story of the Curralow Beach dunes in Wexford, Ireland can be replicated in a country home to the second largest sand dunes in Europe (Merthyr Mawr, Wales) and my first sandboarding experience took place (Holywell Bay), in the letter I expressed my desire for the UK to also have businesses that teach sandboarding to the masses and to also lease sandboards to tourists, this I believe could encourage tourism, allow youngsters to find another sport, hopefully encourage sports stars, and allow the UK to be a member of the DRI, something which I have long campaigned for.

If the minister of Sport (Tracey Crouch) is reading this, I would like to ask her support for my cause followed by a potential letter of approval *wink wink*, and ask what I can do as a blogger to help boost the popularity of Sandboarding in the UK and how I can go about making sandboarding a thing that can be enjoyed by many, there are good sandboarding places in this country and I would like to harness their potential as spots for developing individuals, building teams, and also to amaze people with the speeds, tricks, and things you can do with a board and a sand dune.

I am still on a hold but I'm still attempting to write the book. Follow instagram, twitter,  and facebook for more updates.