Monday, 13 November 2017

Back from India + Future Posts

For 2 weeks, I've been away to Goa in India for a short holiday; if you follow the Instagram account for this blog you will have seen me in front of a rickshaw!

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Ever since I have came home I have been given a shed load of news and information which I believe is important and crucial in not just Sandboarding but also in general; for example, the sand dunes in Iquique, Chilé are under threat by mining, I discovered (but did not see) sand dunes in the North of India, and I still need to prepare for this years' Top 10 locations list.

One of India's many temples. Instagram: jackletecela

I have also obtained expert blogging advice from newspaper editor José Lourenço whilst I was in India so he could shape my blog, I've read a few of his blogs and it's a good read, I've learnt more about Goa even when I was already back home; I do suggest you have a look at his blogs, he writes on a lot of matters including: Goan Architecture, Short Stories, Photos of Goa, Book Reviews by Children, Skyshots of Goa, and many more as well! if you're an Indophile, like the arts & literature, or just interested in other blogs then José Lourenço is a writer you should keep your eye on.

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Good news is that me and my friend are planning our next trip already to hopefully go to Israel; this is not confirmed as of yet however who knows I may even do some Sandboarding for a change. Before I conclude this post, if anyone is planning on going to India anytime soon may I suggest going with an empty suitcase as you can buy ALL of your essentials, clothes, gifts, etc... in India as this is cheap as chips and also it assists the local economy, I would definitely come here again however if you need Indian currency, you're better off exchanging at your local market and/or store once at your final arrival destination as local traders will give you a much better rate than at the airport. There's a lot I would fit in this post, none of which is Sandboarding related but I will make a post soon about it.

I saw a coconut fall here, the signs do not lie. Instagram: jackletecela

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