Saturday, 15 July 2017

Contribute to the 2017 Top 10 Countries List!

Every year at around November/December, I make a Top 10 list for the best countries to go Sandboarding in for the year; this year I decided to be democratic about it and thought that I should let you decide on what countries will receive a position on the 2017 list.

I have decided on the statistics by crime rate, costs of living, happiness, etc... In a nutshell, based on figures; but if you believe your country should be on the list then send an e-mail to, comment on Facebook, send me a message on Instagram, or tweet the account.

Instagram: sandboardingnation
Twitter: sandboardblog
Facebook: Sandboarding Nation

Just let me know which country should be on the list and why you think it should be on it. I'll even thank you personally in the post itself!

Also, the book is going well there are 39 pages of it so far and hopefully at this rate it should be published around March or April 2018, this blog page will be the first port of call for the book's release.

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