Saturday, 31 December 2016

Why was there no review for this year?

If you remember last year, I did a review for 2015.

I was hoping that I would do one for this year, however; in a turn of events and low blog reading figures; I decided that for the benefit of the blog and for a lack of views, I would scrap the Sandboarding Nation review, and just keep the "Top 10 Sandboarding Countries" as that annual list is popular for the blog.

Oh, and I was late last year as well. If the review's for the previous year are going to be late then that's another illustration on why I shouldn't publish this. I would plan ahead but with college work and my other job being a drain on my time and resources. I will stick to basic posts every once in a while along with the Top 10 Sandboarding Countries every year.

And 2016 was a disasterous year if you were a famous person, so rest in peace to all who fell this year. :(

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