Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Patreon Rewards

As some of my readers will know, I have an active Patreon campaign and I made a post on this a couple of months back (I remember because I was in a shopping mall when I wrote it).

In the early hours of last night, I changed the rewards for my Patreon campaign so you can get more for your money if you'd like to support me as a blogger; here are the rewards which I'm going to offer if you choose to contribute to me:

For $1: You will get a mention on the Sandboarding Nation Twitter and Facebook Pages & the blog website itself for your contribution!

For $3: You'll earn the Facebook, Twitter, and site mention; but you'll also get a mention on the bottom of a blog post every once in a while. You'll also get access to my Skype so you can ask me questions or chat!

For $5: You'll get the $1 and $3 rewards but you'll also get access to blog posts before they get published (via Facebook Group)! You'll receive a letter thanking you for your contribution (and another letter every 3 months or so to say how the blog is doing)!

For $10: You'll get the $1, $3, and $5 rewards, including the chance to put your journalism skills to the test! You can send your article to me by e-mail and once I've done some proof-reading and checking, I'll put the post on the blog! If it's really good standard, I'll let you write some more!

I'll single-handedly admit, these sound like average rewards; but if you choose to invest in me, I can assure you the quality of the blog posts will be fit to standard! The money will go far and it'll make a difference with the car (I can travel to dune regions and make reports) and also it'll help the blog, blog comes first, I come second. I've been passionate about Sandboarding for nearly 10 years and I've been blogging since my first year of college which was October 2014 and back then, I can look back and say the quality was somewhat lacklustre; but now I'm keen to improve and make my blog constantly better 24/7 and all 365.25 days of the year!

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