Saturday, 16 April 2016

My Patreon Campaign

In this week, I haven't been blogging as much but I have decided to start up my own Patreon campaign.

If you don't know, Patreon is an online site where you can donate money to creators in order to fund projects for their works: such as new equipment, tools, and in one of my favourite creators' cases, to fund for his parents to move to Los Angeles; this is an example of a 'Crowdfunding' service and it's a bit like a charity but it doesn't necessarily go to a "good" cause, it ultimately falls into the hands of the creator.

I have decided to be on Patreon because I would like to expand my service and potentially move into videos regarding Sandboarding too, expand my reporting range and hopefully do this as a supplement to a part-time job where I could be getting more income from doing blogging (which along with Sandboarding, is something that I love).

My set goal is in dollars (as Patreon only works with the one currency), and it is set at $30 per month to help fund recording equipment, microphone, green screen, writing tools, and computer essentials; However, I'm not going for the high quality at first as this might seem a bit too-optimistic, I'm happy with the basic materials and then I might expand from that point. If this inital campaign takes off, I'll be hoping to travel to locations as I can make posts from sand dune regions in other countries and effectively become a self-made, freelance, independent, sports journalist. Here are my rewards for becoming a patron:

$1: I will mention your name on the blog (once I gain a Patron's section, you will be mentioned on the Sandboarding Nation Facebook page, and you'll get access to my Patron only feed.

$3: As this is a price of a coffee and I do the majority of my posts away from home, you would effectively 'make the post possible' and because of this, I'll mention you at the bottom of the post, you'll get your own tweet from the Sandboarding Nation twitter feed; and for an added bonus, you'll get everything in the $1 band too.

$5: You'll be able to ask me questions (by call, skype, e-mail, messenger, etc...) and effectively give you exclusive access to a Q&A session.

$10: For the big treat, I'll give you access to a Facebook Group that'll be able to contribute ideas, be in a discussion hub for the blog (seperate from the page as this group will be closed) & you could influence a whole blog!

Anything will help, you can donate as much or as little as you want and all proceeds will fund the blog. Visit my Patreon page:

And if you saw the video on my Patreon profile, it was my adventures for my Sandboarding session in 2015 at Holywell Bay in Cornwall, the video contains a lot of feet which I'm slightly blushing about but I had a great time, the video is below!

The blog post on the 2015 Holywell Bay session is here:

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