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Is Sandboarding a team sport?


Lately, I have been demotivated by creating blog posts but I will still publish a post every week to keep you happy! Last week, I was querying whether or not sandboarding can be a team sport or not. I will give some points whether or not I think sandboarding should be, could be or even last as a team sport.

How will it work?

My thoughts are divided on this, but my current image is a team of around 8 people and they sandboard against players of other teams for style (as in tricks) and/or for racing (see who is the fastest); the scoring system can be based on 'Formula One' racing. I think that multiple sandboarders do seperate runs and a set of 5 judges can rate each sandboarder for tricks (from 0 to 10 with .5 increments), the highest score and lowest score is deducted and the 3 remaining score are added together to come up with the final score for the style discipline, it will look something like this:

Notice me giving myself high scores and me being big-headed.

Or if these ranking scores can be complex for individuals then the scores can be ranked for the competing countries, so Team Great Britain could get 26.5, Egypt could get 25.0, USA could get 27.0 and so on.

My Conclusion

This is a difficult topic but I think people should be ranked on the time it took them to complete the dune and if any tricks were performed. If all the competitors took a time to complete the sand dune from top to bottom then the points should be awarded like this:

1st : 25 points
2nd : 18 points
3rd : 15 points
4th : 12 points
5th : 10 points
6th : 8 points
7th : 6 points
8th : 4 points
9th : 2 points
10th : 1 point

If the competitor also performed some good tricks (based on execution, the difficulty of the trick and how good the trick was performed) then the 5 judges will give a score from 0.0 to 10.0 and the highest and lowest scores will be deducted and the 3 remaining scores will be added for their trick score.

Let's imagine that a Frenchman, Moroccan and a Brit were in a sandboarding contest, these are their scores.

In terms of times, Johnson from Great Britain was the quickest and is awarded 25 points, Ahmed from Morocco is 2nd with 18 points and Blanchard from France was the slowest and is awarded 15 points, but in terms of tricks Blanchard is awarded 24.5 points, Ahmed is given 25 points and Johnson is awarded 17 points. If we add the trick points and points from the fastest times going down the sand dune, Johnson gets a total of 42 points, Ahmed gets a total of 43 points and Blanchard gets a total of 39.5 points, so that speed and tricks are crucial to achieving the best win.

Even though Johnson was the fastest his poor trick points let his opponent (Ahmed) overtake him, so this system proves that speed and tricks are important for a win. Let's imagine a championship of 12 competitors took part from 6 different nations.

The winner with 43 points was Ahmed, 2nd was Johnson, 3rd was Blanchard, 4th was Jansen, etc...

If we want to find which country performed the best, then we would take the totals from each competitor and add the scores to another competitor from the same country; so in this case, Great Britain will finish with 67.5 points (42 plus 25.5 as Johnson and Cobden both represent Great Britain).

Ahmed will win as an individual but in terms of nations then the standings will look like this:

1st. FRA: 70.5
2nd. GBR: 67.5
3rd. ZAR: 61.5
4th. MAR: 61.0
5th. AUS: 53.0
6th. USA: 49.0

So despite a French competitor becoming 3rd, France still wins in terms of national team due to its combined points between the competitors.

This took a while to compose due to... let's just say complications. If you approve or you think this system is flawed, let me know I will respond to all comments and thanks for viewing. I'm afraid I might not be writing a blog post every week because of not much news in the Sandboarding scene so stay tuned and follow the blog on twitter! Twitter: @sandboardblog

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