Thursday 21 March 2019

My Trip to Merthyr Mawr

This isn't going to be a particularly large post but on Monday, I took a drive to the nearest sand dune so I could practise some sandboarding; basically, I didn't do any sandboarding as I couldn't have chose a worse day to sandboard here; over the last 2 weeks I had my eyes glued to the weather forecast but still as soon as I arrived over the Welsh border, rain had struck and there were torrential downpours on the way home.

You have to pay for parking here; 1 hour will cost you £1, 2 hours will be £2 and there was also an option to park all-day (over 2 hours) and that would cost you £3.

There are lots of sign posts and I genuinely thought it would be one big dune and just lots of grassland, however there's the "Big Dipper" which is the largest in size by far however if you look in the distance, you'll find beaches with small dune complexes on them as well, this buckets of sand you can see on this site makes Holywell Bay look like a grain in comparison.

The sand was too wet to do proper sandboarding and my best run was only about 2 metres on my new, proper sandboard which I had imported from a seller on eBay; I did however manage to try some jumps and tricks on the high rising dunes on the edges, I've also attached some creative commons images below so you can judge for yourself.

"Big Dipper at Merthyr Mawr" by Jack Soley is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

"Sandboard at Merthyr Mawr" by Jack Soley is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Oh, and unlike Holywell you don't get out of breath so easily as the dune is less steep but the descent is longer; Merthyr Mawr is long and tall where as Holywell is shorter but taller. I'll do a follow up of this original post when I go there on a good day... Preferably in the summer.

Oh and yesterday it was my birthday, but I guess that's not too important here.

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