Saturday, 16 July 2016

What is "Sandboarding Nation"?

You have probably clicked here because you're curious to know what exactly is "Sandboarding Nation"?

Contradictory to its name, Sandboarding Nation isn't a country or nation so to speak; the community of people and sportsmen & sportswomen that make up this sport are the 'nation' and the Sandboarding is the sport that is practised in that general sense. This is a blog which I established on the 12th October 2014 when I was about a month in college and already hating it to my guts that I needed a hobby to occupy my time and blogging was that hobby that occupied my time.

As my interest kept growing, I decided to set up a Twitter & Facebook page for the blog. My blog kept growing and I soon found myself wanting to stop writing as the interest and target market for my blog were lower than I perceived, but I decided not to stop as I thought to myself that I'm on a mission to provide 3 core values:

  • To promote Sandboarding and gain interest amongst the sporting community
  • To entertain readers and inform the population
  • To devote spare time of mine to something constructive
As long as I kept myself on track for these 3 values, then I'm hoping you'll believe I'm doing something right about this blog. The blog has cost me more money than I have made from it, it's something that I enjoy doing and something that I will keep going back to even if every once in a while I will take a break from it. As I write this; I have 5,002 views on the blog itself, 773 Facebook likes, and 33 Twitter followers as of the 16th July 2016; I anticipate those numbers to grow as I expand my blog and devote more time to it, I can't imagine that this blog will ever replace my job but the more I contribute to this, I'll feel like I'm doing more. In the future, I hope to do an international visit on Sandboarding, publish a book, make an app for Android and iPhone based on this blog, and I hope to have someone else reporting with me on this blog so one day, maybe one day, Sandboarding will get the recognition it deserves and hopefully be as popular as Snowboarding or even better, football.

If this is your first ever visit to this blog or if you're reading this blog post because of the "Learn More" function on Facebook, then let me introduce you to this blog and formally welcome you into my "Sandboarding Nation", I will be overjoyed if you would read some of my material.

If there's only one thing you'll remember from this blog post, it is that I'll always put you first and I will always be delighted when people just like you and me visit this blog and see what I have to offer!

I'll always have more things to write on this amazing sport, I've loved this sport since I was 8 and at the time of publication; I'm 18. A ninth of my current life has gone to blogging, Five Ninths of my life has gone to Sandboarding, I'll always want to learn more about blogging and Sandboarding. If there's something that I should work on, tell me. If there's something that I need to write more on, tell me. If there's something that I need to stop, tell me. I've based this blog on what the readers have wanted since 2014, I remember when I had 452 views and I can see the changes I've made to it, I'll keep on with this blog until I stop. I don't care if the blog costs more than it pays, it occupies my time and it keeps me productive.

Now, I'll ask you this question if you've made it this far into the post; will you be a part of my Sandboarding Nation? Will you join me?

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