Friday 8 July 2016

Sandboarding Dodgeball

Earlier when I was walking around my town this week, I was thinking if there were any sports you could do whilst Sandboarding. I came up with Sandboarding Dodgeball, which is where you have one person on the dune with everyone else on Sandboards surfing down the dune, whoever the person standing on the dune without the sandboard hits with the ball, the person who was hit becomes the next person to stand on the dune with a ball, and gets to hit more people on sandboards coming down. Whoever is the last person sandboarding (or the last person to be hit by a ball) wins!

Now that description above sounds difficult and fiendish; however, I will take an example with 8 players and give you a process into how the game is played. For instance, say that this game with 8 players will take place on a sand dune that's 20 metres (66 feet) in distance from base to apex.

Safe Zones

The last 5 metres of the dune will be a 'safe-zone' so you can't be hit with a dodgeball by anyone on the dune and you'll be... safe. There will also be another 'safe-zone' 3 metres from the start so you can get a good speed ready when you go down the dune, all people going down the dune must go together. There is a certain width in which all players must stay within the boundaries, if a player goes out of these side boundaries, then a player is automatically disqualified.

Courtesy of: Jack F. Booth License: Public Domain
The Dodgeball Decider

Take the 8 players, to decide who goes on the dune with the dodgeball first, a race must take place and whoever becomes last is declared the first person to lose and stands on the dune with the dodgeball.

The Main Game

The 7 players who didn't become last in the race will now make it from the Starting Safe Zone to the End Safe Zone, the objective for the sandboarders is to not get hit by the dodgeball. The person stood on the sand dune with the dodgeball gets one hit only (one dodgeball per thrower); if a dodgeball hits someone, the person who was hit is the next person to stand on the sand dune with the other thrower. Throwers must not go forwards or backwards but can pivot and sidestep; Throwers can choose to stand wherever they like however must stay in that position for the rest of the game (except for side-stepping and/or pivoting).


If a dodgeball rebounds and bounces off one player and hits another then they both become the next people to stand on the dune (throwers). Also, if a dodgeball bounces back to the thrower or if a dodgeball can be claimed by side-stepping, then the dodgeball can be picked up by the thrower and used again.

Hitting a Player

A dodgeball may be hit on any position of a player, if a thrower hits a player's sandboard, then the player is not out and the player may carry on. If a player falls on the dune, the player can continue unless a player is hit by a dodgeball.

Determining the Winner

A winner is determined if there is only 1 person left on the dune, this can be possible if you're never hit by a dodgeball at all, or if you're the last to be hit by any player. If there are 2 people on the dune and everyone else is a thrower, then whichever player is hit first, they will be the runner-up and whoever is hit second (or not hit at all) will be the winner.

Grounds for Disqualification

When disqualification occurs, you'll be out of the game but you won't be made a thrower either, you'll be off the dune and out of play. If you're in a disqualification area for more than 3 seconds, you will be automatically disqualified, if you're make any abusive contact (punching, or shoving off balance) will make the player automatically disqualified; and if you don't start at the same time as all the other players, you'll be disqualified.

This is one of my ideas for a regular sport that'll take place on a sand dune, I wanted to make more ideas for sports on sand dunes that cross extreme sports with conventional sports. If you have any questions, ideas, and/or sports you'd want me to cover then I'd be delighted if you commented on this post or sent me a tweet @sandboardblog

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