Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Introducing: Sandboarding Bites

This is not a new name for a restaurant (however, if the Sand Master Park wants to use that name they're more than happy to), this is going to be a new section on the blog website, Twitter, and Facebook pages that will give short tips and bitesize information on how you can make your sandboarding experience just that bit better!

For example, the first tip (or Sandboarding Bite #1) is this: "Before you go Sandboarding, it's always essential to check your weather forecast before you get there."

This might sound pretty basic but I will change the tip on a regular basis (no longer than fortnightly) so the segment on the website stays consistent; also, on Facebook and Twitter the Sandboarding Bite will be updated on those 2 platforms the same time as I do it on the website.

If anyone's got any useful pieces of advice; feel free to comment on this post, tweet me @sandboardblog, or send me a message/comment on the Facebook page and I will happily credit you.

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