Tuesday 19 July 2016

Heavy Heat for the UK: Emergency Article

If you live in the UK, you're probably reading this furiously sweating with the air conditioning on full blast; but if you intend to go Sandboarding in the British Isles this week, whether it's in Merthyr Mawr, Holywell Bay, Braunton Burrows, or anywhere with dunes; you should take extra care out there.

Make sure you wear appropriate sunscreen or sunblock with at least a sun protection factor of 15. NHS England says there's no safe or healthy way to get a tan. A tan doesn't protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects.

The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm, you can even get sunburn when it is cloudy. When buying sunscreen, make sure you see both the UVA and UVB labels, check the expiry date of sunscreen as well because sunscreen usually has a shelf life of 2-3 years.

Always wear sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, and apply at least 2 tablespoons of sun lotion if you're planning on covering your whole body. Most definitely, don't spend any longer in the sun than what you would without an appropriate sunscreen.

I will do a bigger article on this soon but this is a quick and important announcement for anyone planning on Sandboarding in the UK for this week, or even for the whole summer! A longer article will come soon. I decided to write this as it's currently 32 Centigrade in my hometown which is on the 52nd parallel and I don't want anyone to get a nasty burn this summer (or ever).

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