Wednesday 29 June 2016

One Referendum After Another?

As you are aware, the UK had a referendum last Thursday that the population voted to leave the European Union. On Sandboarding Nation, my mission is to provide you with good quality, non-biased, and independent news, also I want to spread sandboarding to the population like how political figures spread Conservativism.

My message to you (the readers) is that I have been thinking if the name of this blog should be changed to something more reflective of the blog, I was thinking of "Sandboarding Times".

Pro-Change (For Sandboarding Times)

  • Sandboarding Times makes it sound more of a news source.
  • The new name would call for major reconstruction of the blog.
  • The new name can trigger a new ethos and/or constitution for the blog.
Anti-Change (For Sandboarding Nation)

  • There would be a need to change pages & logos if a new name was adopted.
  • The name would lose the aspect of community (the 'nation' in the name makes the site sound like a community together).
  • Sandboarding Nation can keep up its duration of history (keeping under one name & domain)
This may sound like a dumb question for me to ask all of you but it's also a question I'm willing to propose as a sub-part of the Readers' Survey which I published earlier this week. I will publish a link allowing people to vote for the new name, users can only vote once and there are no restrictions on who can vote; the vote will be available for a week and anyone can vote for whether the blog should keep its name as "Sandboarding Nation" or "Sandboarding Times".

If you want to vote, click on the "Name Change Vote" page on the top of this webpage and you've got until 12am (British Summer Time) on the 7th July 2016.

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