Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Don't Get Scammed When Buying SJ4000 Batteries

I know it's: "Sandboarding Nation", not "SJ4000 Sports camera Nation", but in my additional research for the blog, I noticed there was something strange when buying products on Wish.

If you take a look on this page: https://www.wish.com/c/54abfeb328565a3efbe8c57a you will find the same model of my camera (the only difference is that there is a logo on the front of the camera) including all of the accessories I received too, but there is an extra battery; this comes (as of 21st March 2016) to £68 ($97.80 in USD & €86.97 in EUR) which sounds reasonable considering that the camera would come to £47 at most on Wish which would make the extra battery cost £21 (£68 for the product - £47 for the camera (average) = £21 for an extra battery).

The extra battery which would otherwise come to £21 sounds expensive but people may still pay for this 'good' deal; however, click here https://www.wish.com/c/5671a70c174c1e2c8daf73df and you will find 6 batteries for the same camera for £12 (as of 21st March 2016). If you buy a normal SJ4000 from Wish without any spare batteries for roughly about £47 and buy a pack of 6 spare battery packs for £12, you're paying £9 less for a better value deal and if that wasn't good enough, you get six batteries included instead of an extra one, so in total if you were to buy a camera and the six batteries, you'd have 7 in total (since 1 is included)!

So think about it, would you rather pay £21 for a camera battery pack or would you rather pay £12 for six which equates to roughly £2 each (£12 ÷ 6 = £2). However, in the last week I purchased a set of 5 batteries for £10 which still equated to £2 per battery, I chose this as the shipping was cheaper for 5 batteries instead of 6 batteries and the total differed by about £3 so I decided it wasn't worth buying another battery for less value, so it's your choice and it also depends on which country you live in! I personally don't care about an additional 6 batteries as I'll be just as happy with 5 batteries!

This is intended to be a small post as it was meant to be a sub-post for the article on buying cameras, I'm just looking out for any scams and any tricks of the trade which I'll happily share with the Sandboarding Nation! If you notice any scams and/or cunning tricks to help beat the system, let me know as I'll be more than happy to investigate and maybe write about it; send me a message to: blog@sandboarding-nation.com and I'll do my research and I will blog about my findings!

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