Sunday, 21 February 2016

The 2016 Agenda

As some of you may already realise, I'm in a new job where I work long hours and I sometimes sleep during the evening for an hour or two; which is why I want to give a list of topics that I might want to discuss in the upcoming years.

The 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games


We know that the games are coming to Brazil this summer, so I will be publishing articles about the Olympic games and I will let you know of daily accounts that I've found during the games; I understand that this is "Sandboarding Nation" and not "Olympic Nation" but I feel that I should be non-biased and fair so I will be giving you events of the games during this year at Rio.

My Driving

I have book my driving test so I will be able to travel, when I do this I will travel to some remote spots within the UK to try out some home sandboarding and when this blog does reach a new peak or when I can accumulate more funds, I will try and venture abroad to do some sandboarding reporting/participating; I may even move into vlogging as well!

More Top 10 lists

I know I've done some Top 10 lists for places before, but these new ones will be for specific listings (i.e. Safety, Internet connection speed, etc...) but mainly unusual and irrelevant to sport categories.

Sandboarder Profiles

I think I should showcase some of the best names in the sport, I will write articles giving basic information and hopefully giving you some good figures, results, and a general review of the chosen sandboarder.

I have no publishing schedule for the topics mentioned above but on facebook and twitter, you will find I will mention these before the post is published! The next post will be published in mid-march on why I think sandboarding should/shouldn't be an Olympic sport.

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