Monday 12 October 2015

Sandboarding Nation: 1 year on

A year ago today, an idea came out of my head and went into practise. A post was put on here for the first time (It was a post saying what would be on next week) but the blogging began there! I'm really happy about this blog, it's my second job in a way! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and for spreading the word on Sandboarding and staying loyal to the blog since the start! I'm gonna hit you with some blog statistics data, ideas for the future and what I think will happen to the blog soon.

Viewing Statistics

On the 11th October 2015 (1 day prior to the 1 year operation of the blog, I observed that there had been a total of 1,955 visits to this very blog, by next year I want that number to double. That is my mission!

The most popular post in terms of visits is the first ever one (on the 19th October 2014) about the history of Sandboarding, it clocked 64 views as of the 11th October 2015. The most popular post in comment terms is the one about 'Sand Master Park' back in August 2015 that had a grand total of 1 comment (I know 1 doesn't seem like a lot but when newspapers started in the 16 & 17th centuries you didn't get many comments back then). I don't have a target for the number of comments as it's your blog and you give the feedback.

My top 5 countries from people who have viewed this blog the most hail from the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Brazil and Namibia.

My Future Ideas

I'm gonna tell you my ideas for upcoming posts which I were going to surprise you with but I couldn't wait any longer and I felt that I better prepare you for what I would have in store.

Now some urgent posts that need to be up soon are the Top 10 countries for this year! You notice I did this exact same list last year, I hope to continue that and hopefully since I've observed and blogged for a full year, I can make a 'Year in Review' which will be long but will take various months and seasons into account.

Now my not so urgent but posts in my queue are regarding my ideas for a physical book to be released maybe about Sandboarding itself, this blog, my love for sandboarding, a certain place (I don't know yet) but hopefully it'll take off; publish the top 10 sandboarding complexes in a certain country (U.S.A. for example), what the best homemade sandboard wax is if you're a little tight on money, A potential business idea or plan for my own sandboarding park, if there should be a world governing body for Sandboarding (a bit like a non-corrupt FIFA) and if there should be national and local sandboarding teams.

I also have ideas for posts but aren't relevant to a particular sub-topic. I am thinking of giving this blog a new layout or structure, putting a podcast in addition to the blog and also thinking of getting new e-mails especially for this blog so if anyone is willing to contact me.

Competition Time!

I have a competition where I will be giving away a FREE Sandboarding Nation T-Shirt but I haven't made any moves on it yet since I'm taking driving lessons, paying for food, funding for a car, etc... So if I decide to make a move on a competition or if a lot of you appreciate the idea, I'll start it up; after all, the blog is written for you!

Final Thought

I'm really happy I've managed to maintain and keep this blog for a year, it doesn't feel like a year but I can remember publishing the first posts in college, with no job and nothing in my spare time; now that's changed and time can be a bit of a struggle, I still try to keep the blog going to report if there's anything in the Sandboarding world! At times I wanted to stop for good (as I did for a few months) but I couldn't let you down and I am very passionate about sandboarding so I'm gonna carry on. I'd like to thank everyone this past year and I wish everyone a happy and safe time as I move into the second year of Sandboarding Nation!

The next post will be published on the 20th October and it will concern my thoughts and ideas to implement National and Local teams for Sandboarding! I'll see when the next post is published and be sure to stay on the Sandboarding Nation Facebook and Twitter pages! Take care of yourself people!

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