Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sports camera

Welcome back readers! This post is gonna be a short one and it will only have a few bits and not much knowledge of sandboarding included in this one but it will have some news that's relevant to the blog and for some resources to the blog for time to come!

Sports Camera

You would have seen its first pictures and full capability on the 2015 Session: Holywell Bay post where I had a set of 9 photos of the sand dunes at Holywell Bay. According to the smart technology on the photos that tell me the model of the camera when I upload the photo, the sports camera is an SP5K Series Digital Camera, exposure time is 1/2,000 seconds (0.0005), F-number is f/2.8, photos taken are up to 12 mega pixels and the ISO speed rating is 50. I personally have no clue what those numbers mean but my mind works in the form that if I can see the photo clearly, it looks good to me.

For the video aspect of the camera, it's a powerful toy! The camera can record up to 60fps in 720p HD or 30fps in 1080p HD. On the maximum (32GB) storage card the camera can take, just over 6 hours of film can be captured in 720p and it's just over 5 and a half hours in 1080p.

If you're familiar with the video of me on Holywell Bay on a couple of posts back, then you would have noticed that I captured that video whilst I was on the dune and I done it with the new sports camera itself! The video above was shot in the 60fps in 720p mode and it made good quality despite being in a hard shell case made of plastic, covered in sand & in mid session.

Also, the many photos which you can see on the blog that I've taken and made creative commons for re-use can be taken on this very 'small but mighty' sports camera too! It's more of a fun toy than a sophisticated camera!

Personal Endorsement

On this part of the post in particular, I'd like to remind you that I'm an independent blogger and for this camera I have not personally been asked or requested to use this camera for the purposes of advertising or publicity. I bought this camera for my personal use and I genuinely believe this is the 'one toy in the box' that you need with you wherever you go! Plus, when you buy this camera you don't get a HD camera with a protective shell & a power lead with the instruction manual in a box; You get whole array of stands, switch support, ribbon, tape, adaptor for computer transfer, plug charger, camera lens wipe and much more packed in the little box of fun! Did I mention this camera supports WiFi connectivity? Yeah, because uploading sports clips to the Internet became a whole lot easier; forget the use and cost of cyber cafes, mobile data where you can just upload over a WiFi connection!

How much will it cost & how can I buy it?

The link to buy the camera will be included here, the camera cost me £45 ($68 rounded to the nearest dollar as of 6th September 2015) plus shipping to the UK (which will vary depending on location) that took an extra £5 to get to me.

This camera may vary in cost depending on which colour you want to buy, the 3 prices for the 6 available colours (White, Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow & Gold) and the prices varied from £45 to £47 (as of 7th September 2015).

It's important to note that the maximum data memory card that this camera will accept is only 32GB so if you have a 64 or 128 gigabyte SD card, they will not be compatible. Since I believe this is the camera that may suit your needs (It certainly fitted my needs and ticked all my boxes) Let it be your camera by clicking on the link below!

Maybe in the future when this blog does get a decent following and/or money starts to come in, I may start a competition where a new and boxed version of this camera can be won, but this is still an idea.

Next time on the blog!

Thanks again for always reading my latest blog post, also a warm welcome to those who I've recently recruited via my Facebook advertising campaign for the blog and the Sandboarding Nation Facebook page! Please like the Facebook page if you haven't already, also follow the blog on twitter! See the next blog post be published here on the 21st September 2015 when it will be concerning Medical aspects, essential safety and well being when you're in very rural, exotic, tropical and unknown locations; it'll be about taking the correct medicines, vaccines if you want to travel, precautions to health, etc... It'll become more clear when I publish the post on the agreed date and stick to the Facebook and Twitter feeds for some clues about the next post. As always; sandboard safely, sandboard legally and take care of yourselves my blog readers, see you on the 21st.

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