Sunday 30 November 2014

Sandboarding Tricks

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A twitter account for this blog will be made soon but in order to be perfectly democratic, I will put up a public survey on the 'Social Networking' page on what the account name should be, it may be complicated because I can't come up with a good voting system but what I'll do is ask for all the 'OK's' and I'll put them on multiple choice so if you like one or all, you can choose! Talking of social networks, if you haven't had a look at the Facebook Page please do and like it! This wouldn't be a big post (I'm anticipating early) as there are not any sandboarding tricks as we take them from snowboarding as this is the same sport but on a different surface.

The Tricks

I really can't imagine this being a really bulky post but here is a picture (which is very handy) regarding basic snowboarding tricks:

Courtesy of: Nlin86 License: CC BY-SA 3.0
If you can see the picture above, it can easily show where you 'rear' and 'front' hands should be in accordance with your feet in order to perform a trick; for example, if you were going down a dune with your right hand in front (as your dominant hand) close to the tail of your board and your other hand (lesser dominant hand) was in-between your legs but in front of your legs, then you would be performing a 'Tail' and 'Canadian Bacon' trick.

Performing surfaces

Everyone loves a snowboarding trick, but performing them on sand I think is better because sand is loose and snow is compact so you won't take as much damage if you have a wipe out or if you just do something wrong, you generally go faster on sand due to its looseness. Sand dunes do not have as many natural slopes and man-made wooden or metal ramps may make you slow down a bit as opposed to normal snowboarding. Snow mountains are generally higher than sand dunes so you can pick up more speed on snow; taking all of the above features in account, you can figure out that sandboarding and snowboarding are alike but have similar disadvantages and advantages over the other.

I know this post is short, please forgive me.

But I think that these valuable pieces of information are worth blogging about. I want to get the best information out to the sandboarding community and establish this place as a good location for the sport/hobby; but lately I think that pieces for this blog are running low as there isn't much news regarding this topic so next week I will come up with a blog post regarding if teams can be made for this sport, the next post will be a lot bigger than this week's, I'm sorry if you are disappointed with the low amount of content but next week will be big and bulky just for you readers around the world! I hope that you can come back for more next time or as you do every week! Take care of yourself.

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